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UFC 103 Preview: Junior Dos Santos Talks Fight Strategy For Mirko Cro Cop

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From Fighters Only:

"He is going to move to the left and I will go the opposite way. When he sets the kick I will land a straight big right hand on his face to knock him out,"   "I still don’t know what plan to follow against him but I believe in my boxing. I train it so much. I know I’m able to catch Mirko. Luiz Dorea (boxing coach) says if I land a punch on the precise place, it’s over. I’ll look for another the KO but a fight is fight and nobody knows what’ll happen,"  "If it is necessary, I will put him down. I’ll be all over him all the time and let’s see if CroCop will be so good as Randy Couture was against Nogueira," he says.

But Dos Santos does not want his confidence to be mistaken as arrogance.

"Cro Cop has to be respected. People may say he is not the same but, for me, he continues being one of the most dangerous MMA fighters. He can finish a fight with only one hit. He left kick is very good and I need to take care with his left hand too,"

Well, it seems as though Dos Santos has Cro Cop's main weapons pointed out in the left kick and left hand.  Here's some footage of Dos Santos training for his UFC 103 bout against Mirko in case you missed it.  If you can't tell already.  I'm really looking forward to this fight.  I've repeatedly said that Cro Cop was done as a top fighter, and Dos Santos is a dangerous opponent for him.  If he's able to get Dos Santos out of there in impressive fashion it'll do a lot for his confidence.  Which was the main thing(lack of confidence) I was pointing out in my Mirko is done posting crusade.