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War Machine Victorious At XFC 9 This Past Weekend

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War Machine, previously known at Jon Koppenhaver defeated Mikey Gomez this past weekend at XFC 9: Evolution.  It was his 5th straight win since being released from the UFC last year.  War Machine has been able to finish all 5 opponents as well.  However, if we take a closer look at the records of these five fighters, we'll find that the majority of these guys are fairly green or have mediocre records.  War Machine lost his last fight inside the octagon after being choked out against Yoshiyuki Yoshida at UFC 84.  

War Machine has made some pretty ignorant statements in the past year, but I'm admittedly a fan.  His perfomance against Jared Rollins sort of endeared me to the guy for some odd reason.  I think the kid has skills, but it's more of a mental thing with him in my opinion.  Hopefully he can keep his head clear and stay out of trouble and continue winning.  I'd eventually like to see him return to the bigger shows.  What are your thoughts on War Machine?