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Quoteworthy: Shane Carwin Says Fedor Hasn't Fought Any Elite Fighters Since PRIDE

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From Shane Carwin's Blog:

Fedor has built an amazing legacy in this sport. His run in Pride was nothing less then epic. A few years a go I would have put him as the clear P4P Best Fighter in the World. I do not think there are many fans or fighters that would dispute that.

Since Pride has closed its operations Fedor has not really fought any elite fighters and he is essentially being feed "names" that would not have a high percentage chance of beating him. They are working hard on protecting his legacy instead of putting the toughest fights in front of him. That is a disservice to him and the legacy he has built.

My response is not a smack at Fedor it is the plain and simple truth that the best fighters are in the UFC. I was going to face a world class fighter in Cain and now a very tough Brock. I do not have any choice in who I face or when I fight. I am asked to go fight and I do it. We did not hold out for a co-promotion or any other ridiculous terms to fight for the UFC title, I was honored to be offered the opportunity.