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How Much Weight Does The Word "Title" Hold?

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Well, according to Strikeforce welterweight Jay Hieron, that's one of the things that made him choose to fight for Strikeforce over the UFC.  Hieron was on "The Info Podcast" and had this to say in regards to what's next for him and why he went to Strikeforce:

"One of the reasons to decide to go with Strikeforce was I was fighting for the title," Hieron explained. The UFC offered me a very good deal but I wanted the chance to fight for a title. Nick Diaz is a big name and that’s the type of guy I want to fight right now."

Just a couple of thoughts on this:

1.  Why would a title be important if you KNOW it's pretty worthless?  I mean come on, everybody knows GSP is the best welterweight in the world.  In fact, Hieron knows that first hand since he was TKO'ed by GSP way back then before GSP was even the champ.

2.  Why wouldn't you take the very good deal for a shot at winning THE title while also potentially avenging a prior TKO loss?

I love Nick Diaz and he's a great fighter, but he's no GSP and GSP doesn't skip drug tests.