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Should Fighter's Who Sucker Punch Opponents Be Subject To Fines And/Or Suspensions?

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I'm asking because one of our readers(3PA) posted this video of a fighter sucker punching an opponent.  Basically, the first round begins and the two fighters meet in the center of the cage and go to touch gloves only for one of the fighters to throw a punch at that time.  The punch lands and the fighter goes down and gets finished with punches on the ground.  Steve Cofield chimes in with his thoughts:

That was outrageous and while we're talking about momentary loss of control versus a pre-meditated action, is there anyone who doesn't think this sucker punch was cooked up by Sheridan before the fight? Sheridan versus Vasquez was one of 12 amateur fights on the card tabbed Ultimate Combat Reno.

Nevada shouldn't license this kid anytime soon unless he comes in front of the commission to explain his actions. Frankly, it should be treated more harshly than a positive drug test.

I agree that it was outrageous and we don't need this type of thing in MMA.  The worse part for me was Sheridan's arrogance afterwards during the post-fight video.  All I have to say is that karma is a mofo.  Anyways, the other thing I want to touch on is Vasquez being unaware or not on his P's and Q's so to speak.  This isn't the first time we've seen somone try to sucker punch when fighters go to touch gloves.  I mean Bruce Lee taught us to "never take our eyes off our opponents!"  I'm not blaming Vasquez or anything, but in the fight game you kind of always have to expect the unexpected.  Even in our sport where the majority of the fighters are very respectful.  So I ask the question.  Should Chris Sheridan be fined and/or suspended for doing this?  Sound off in the comments section, I'd love to read your thoughts.