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UFC Heavyweight Todd Duffee's Attitude Could Carry Him A Long Way

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Duffee speaks to on being moved from UFC 99, when he wants to fight next, and why he likes Denis Kang:

The UFC made a smart move," Duffee said. "It's about developing the sport and Cro Cop at that time in Germany is going to sell more tickets, and that's what's more important.

"Yeah it had to happen to me, but looking at it, if it's going to make the sport better, that's fine."  "I wasn't surprised (Marquardt earned the award). But anybody's disappointed at that moment. That kind of money is a complete life-changer for someone of my circumstances," Duffee lamented. "But to say I was surprised, no. Of the two knockouts, Marquardt's was way more impressive. So I don't have complaints by any means.

"I thought maybe because it was a record, they might (give out two awards), but realistically, Marquardt definitely earned it."  "(Kang is) one that I really like," Duffee said. "Every time he goes out to fight, he fights. He doesn't pussyfoot around, so to speak.

"I think anybody that doesn't expect to come out in the first minute and be very electric is letting down the crowd. It is a sport, but it's also about entertaining. I think it's our job to go out and look to finish at all times."

We've only seen 7 seconds worth of Duffee in the octagon, but if his skills match his attitude.  I think his performance at UFC 102 was just foreshadowing of things to come.