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Alistair Overeem Will Defend His Strikeforce Heavyweight Title

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Well, he'll defend his Strikeforce heavyweight title after he finishes fighting for two other promotions.  Strikeforce communicated with MMAMania:

Strikeforce officials were happy to report that Overeem’s injuries have finally healed and that he will compete in the upcoming kickboxing bout as part of his existing contract with K-1.

Following that bout, as well as a planned fight for Golden Glory, Overeem is expected to return to Strikeforce to defend his title.

And with Brett Rogers, Fabricio Werdum and Fedor Emelianenko all gunning for first dibs, don’t expect him to receive a very warm welcome.

Overeem is expected to face K-1 legend Peter Aerts later this month, then have another fight in October.  How is it that Overeem can fight in back to back months for other promotions, yet can't defend his Strikeforce title for over 2 years?  Oh yea, what if Overeem gets hurt again?  That's why signing your champions to non-exclusive contracts or allowing guys with non-exclusive contracts to fight for you title sucks.