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Do You Want Big John McCarthy Back In The UFC?

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Needless to say, the athletic commission chooses to the referees are for the events in each state. However, there's nothing wrong with a litte viral assault to help fans get what they want. Check it:

You want Big John back in the UFC? So do we. Let’s bomb the s**t out of Dana White’s twitter account to let him know. Go to Twitter and pop this in:

@danawhiteufc BRING BACK BIG JOHN! #UFC

Let me be clear: We just want Big John back in the Octagon. Dana’s the kind of guy that might take this kind of hokey stunt into consideration. It’s not like bringing Big John back after the fans ask so passionately wouldn’t make a great little PR story on it’s own.

It should be noted that Big John hasn't reffed a UFC fight in about 2 years, and did have some 'choice' things to say in regards the UFC. He claims that he would be a referee a UFC fight again if he's assigned to the event. It's no secret that Big John McCarthy is the best in the business when it comes to MMA reffing, so if you want him back in the UFC this little movement shouldn't hurt the cause.