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Brett Rogers Says He'll KO Fedor Because Fedor Gets Sloppy When Striking

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From Sherdog:

There’s loopholes in everybody’s game, and in his game, the way I see it, he can sometimes get a little sloppy.  He is a patient guy, but when he feels that he has to give, he kind of rushes it a little bit. Just on that, I can kinda set him up for a knockout just by faking an injury or something, just jump in and out his offense a little more than not. Hit and move. Hit and move

Brett Rogers is touching on something that's factual, yet no one has really been able to capitalize on.  I don't know if faking an injury will work either, but it's not beyond the realm of possiblity that Rogers could send a big right hand right down the shoot and beat Fedor to the punch.  Fedor has shown the propensity to stand as of late, but in case he does try to take it to the ground Rogers says he'll be prepared:

I’ve been working mostly with the defense, because that’s one of his offenses,” said Rogers. “Everybody’s questioning my ground game. I’ve been working the ground just as well as I’ve been working (the striking).

Check out the .gifs below in regards to Fedor and his striking when he smells blood in the water:

Fedor Emelianenko vs. Tim Sylvia Ownage Affliction Banned

You see how almost all of his punches are looping like Chuck Liddell used to do?  Another angle of the above and more comparison .gifs are after the jump.

Fedor vs Sylvia Great Angle

Here's Rogers swarming against Andrei Arlovski:

Brett Rogers Stops Andrei Arlovski Strikeforce

If you'll notice, Rogers throws very straight punches, however, his footwork was horrible here which resulted in the follow up punches being 'arm' punches with none of his weight behind them.  So it's quite possible that he could catch Fedor in an exchange.  The only thing is, although Fedor loops his punches, they are deadly accurate as evident in the Tim Sylvia fight and the Arlovski KO below:

Fedor Emelianenko Midair KO Andrei Arlovski Affliction Day of Reckoning

Props: MMA-Core for the .gifs