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Is Jake Shields Frustrated With Jason "Mayhem" Miller Or Strikeforce?

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Last week Jason "Mayhem" Miller made the announcement that he was going to be fighting Jake Shields next, but backed down from that statement this week.  He made the following statement to MMA Fanhouse:

After I announced that, they told me that's not finalized. The fight business is very finicky. For some reason, my manager came back to me and said, "They're not 100% sure." I don't know. I would love to beat up Jake Shields.

However, Jake Shields spoke with MMAWeekly and made the following statement:

People at Strikeforce told me Miller needed more time, so as far as what’s going on, I don’t know," he said. "Maybe he needed more time and was trying to pass it on.

He continues:

"I want to fight now," he continued. "I don’t want to be wasting time. I’m training for a certain type of fight, and I don’t want it to get pushed back. But I guess it happens, and I’ll deal with it.  If Strikeforce offers me another opponent, I’ll definitely take another opponent," he said. "I’d like to fight Miller, but I’ll fight someone else. I’d rather fight now.

Shields admits that he and Miller are 'cool' with one another, Shields has even appeared on Miller's MTV show "Bully Beatdown".  However, it seems as if sitting idol is not in Shield's best interest.  Jake Shields was interested in fighting Cung Le, but Le is too busy filming movies so Strikeforce was going to create an interim title fight.  The winner of that fight would face Cung Le.  Jake Shields has had a few names thrown at him as potential opponents like Matt Lindland who recently signed with Strikeforce.  However, the latest name was Jason "Mayhem" Miller and it's apparent that Shields is growing restless with all the uncertainties of his next fight.  In fact, he doesn't even know when that will take place, much less who his opponent will be.  It should be noted that these type of things happen when promotions have very thin rosters.  However, Jake Shields has shown major interest in going to fight for the UFC in the past so keeping him happy should be a top priority.  Right now, that doesn't seem to be the case with the uncertainty of who his opponent will be and when he'll fight next.