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TUF 10 Results: Roy Nelson defeats Kimbo Slice via Referee Stoppage

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The fight starts and Nelson is trying to establish a jab.  Nelson lands with it.  Kimbo lands a solid leg kick.  Kimbo tries to land his jab now.  Kimbo lands heavy shots and Nelson shoots for a takedown.  Nelson has Kimbo pinned against the cage, but Kimbo is defending well.  Neslson with double underhooks with Kimbo against the cage but can't get him to the ground as Kimbo has a whizzer with the leg arm.  Nelson lands the takedown with a trip and moves immediately into the mount position with a minute and half left in the round.  Nelson is playing the position game and looks for a keylock.  He then moves out of the mount position and pins Kimbo's arm down.  Nelson now has the crucifix position and lands tons of unanswered shots until the bell sounds.  Kimbo wasn't making any effort to try and really get out of the postion.  Herb Dean threatned to stop the fight several times, but let it go.

The second round starts and Kimbo lunges with a jab and misses.  Kimbo lands a mammoth right hand that stuns Nelson.  Nelson tries to tie Kimbo up....Kimbo throws a knee as Nelson lands a takedown.  Nelson in side control but isn't doing anything offensive...he attempts the crucifix position but Kimbo defends.  Nelson gets the crucifix position and lands several unanswered shots to the head and Herb Dean stops the fight.