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The TUF 10 Kimbo Slice vs. Roy Nelson(Episode 3) Open Thread And Discussion

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Alright, tonight is the night and the moment of truth for Kimbo Slice according to UFC president Dana White.  We get to see the most anticipated fight ever on The Ultimate Fighter when internet sensation Kimbo Slices battles former IFL heavyweight champion Roy Nelson.  The first two episodes have featured Kimbo heavily and rightfully so since he's a huge ratings boost for the show.  However, he has been depicted in good light up to this point as a hard worker that continues to improve.  While Roy Nelson's accomplishments have been brought to light as well.  I think Zuffa has done a great job of hyping this fight, as it this is the only time I can remember a 'in house TUF fight' garnering this much interest.  It's not even for the UFC contract!  So make sure you join us tonight at 10PM EST for the third episode of TUF.  In the meantime, feel free to leave your thoughts on who'll win the match up tonight.