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Dan Henderson Still Not Under UFC Contract

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From Fighters Only:

"Negotiations with the UFC are ongoing. There’s things that they want and there’s things that Dan wants," the source said. "Its just a case of working things out and both sides coming to an agreement. I am sure it will all get worked out eventually.

Dan just wants what he thinks he deserves and what he thinks is fair. He doesn’t want anything out of the ordinary compared to what other fighters are getting," the source says. "He is in no hurry, he is healthy and this is possibly going to be his last contract with the UFC given the stage of his career, so he wants to make sure everything is right."

"He is ready to fight whenever he is needed, be that before the end of the year or early next year, whenever.  He’s open to fighting anyone, depending. Negotiating is a give and take process, so the contract has to be right."

So it appears that they'll get a deal done, although Henderson reportedly still wants his next fight to be against Anderson Silva.  I think they UFC will have him face Nate Marquardt first, and just compensate Henderson pretty well on his contract.  Because the rumor is that Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort will take place at UFC 108.  I suppose the UFC doesn't want to risk the chance of Belfort losing, and want to capitalize off his big KO win over Rich Franklin at UFC 103.  So look for Dan Henderson to be on the octagon pretty soon is my take on this.