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Report: Bellator Fighting Championships Will Be Available In Over 150 Million Homes

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From MMAFanhouse:

Bellator has signed a new deal that will give the promotion a distribution platform to reach both an English and Spanish-language audience of over 150 million households across the country

As you know, Bellator was only available on a tape delayed basis with season one which caused a number of great fights to basically go unseen.  Plus, the promotion was only available on ESPN Deportes which is broadcast in the Spanish language.  However, Bellator did do a great job of using the internet to help get some eyeballs on their product.  Apparently, this new deal will be in both English and Spanish and will be live instead of tape delayed.  This is intriguing simply because this is only the promotions second season, and we know the UFC is currently negotiating a tv network deal.  I wonder what type of deal Bellator was able to work out, and what's the potential for the promotion to make a profit from the deal?  To be available in 150 million homes is a pretty significant jump from being televised on ESPN Deportes.  I wonder if this will have any effect/influence on what type of network tv deal the UFC is able to cook up? 

A video featuring Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney is featured after the jump.