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Quoteworthy: Michael Bisping Talks Loss To Henderson And Denis Kang

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From Fighters Only:

No excuses from me, I had a fantastic camp and the Wolfslair did a great job. I had a great camp in England and in the USA. And myself, all my coaches, everyone involved was very confident going into the fight. But, it just wasn’t to be," he explained.

"I went out there and it was a load of shit (laughs). There’s no point beating around the bush, it wasn’t my finest hour. For someone like Dan Henderson you have to bring your A-game and I didn’t do that on the night

On Denis Kang:

Obviously he has to have confidence in himself or else he would be in the wrong business, so I don’t take it personally anything he said there. More power to him. I just hope he trains hard and we put on a good show for the fans in Manchester.

Bisping responds to a statement made by Kang earlier this week in which he specially said he was going to beat Michael Bisping's [expletive].  You have to respect Bisping's attitude here coming off that huge KO loss to Henderson.  No excuses, especially after talking all the smack he talked in the build up to the fight with Henderson.  So I give him props for that.