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Herschel Walker Says He Would Smash All The TUF 10 Contestants

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Herschel Walks appeared on ESPN's First Take this morning and responded to Dana White's criticism of Strikeforce signing him to a contract.  He had this to say in regards to the UFC president:

"Who ever made him the guy to measure athletic talent?  I don't think Dana knows anything about athletic talent. He knows about fighters, which is different, but I will say this: He's running a show right now with heavyweights and I'll put dimes to donuts, all the heavyweights on his show right now I will beat. That's pretty easy to say. I always tell people put their money where their mouth is. Dana says I'm so old? Why doesn't he step into the ring with me?"

To say that White doesn't know anything athletic talent is pretty baseless.  The UFC has all the best fighters in the world(besides a handful) for a reason.  I'm pretty sure Dana White doesn't let Joe Silva bring just anyone into the UFC before watching some tape on them or something.  Furthermore, just because you have athletic talent doesn't mean you'll be a great fighter.  It's a great attribute to have, but if you only know one discipline then you can't consistently compete at the highest level.  Also, all that non-sense about being in better shape now than he was during his prime football years is just absurd. Now judging by what I've seen on the first two fights this season, it wouldnt' surprise me that Walker could beat at least one of those fighters.  However, to say he could beat all of them is a bit much in my opinon.  I guess we'll have to see what he brings to the table when he makes his debut near the end of this year or early 2010.  Did I mention that Walker failed to mention Strikeforce while on the show?