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Dana White talks Kimbo Slice, Seth Petruzelli, and Rampage Jackson

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Dana White was in New York promoting the upcoming fight between Kimbo Slice and Roy Nelson on TUF 10.  That's right promoting a TUF fight in New York, how crazy is that?  He gave away a ton of FREE tickets to people that followed his directions to be where he would be via his twitter page.  While there, Ariel Helwani was able to catch up with White to get his thoughts on a few things.  Check it out:

Have you been impressed by Kimbo Slice?
He is not who I expected him to be. When I first met him, I was thinking thug, and he's anything but. Yeah, I like him very much.

There seems to be a war of words developing between Kimbo and Seth Petruzelli. Would you be interested in ever putting that fight together?
I don't think so. Obviously, at the time that it happened it was great for me. But anyone who has ever watched The Ultimate Fighter sees that when they come off the show, they're completely different fighters. If Kimbo comes off, I would like to see him fight some stiffer competition.

Will that be in the UFC?
You'll have to watch and see.

OK, before I let you finish your Pinkberry, I just have three simple yes or no questions. Will we see Rampage Jackson fight again in the UFC?

Dan Henderson?

Will Vitor Belfort fight Anderson Silva on Jan. 2?
Maybe (laughs).

So he basically disses Seth Petruzelli by saying that he wants Kimbo to fight stiffer competition.  Kimbo has already stated that he's fighting on the TUF finale show.  If he doesn't win the TUF show, I wonder who White would consider the 'stiff' competition to be at that point?  Justin McCully or somebody like that?  As you can see, he believes that Rampage will be back as well as Dan Henderson.  Although I'm still not aware that Hendo has re-signed with the UFC yet.  Which could be why his answer to the third question is 'maybe'. 

HT: MMAFanhouse