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Kimbo Slice Conference Call Recap

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Kimbo Slice spoke on "The Ultimate Fighter" Media call today as he and Roy Nelson get geared up for their upcoming showdown on Spike tv this Wednesday night.  He was careful to avoid any spoilers for the fight that took place weeks ago, but Slice did share some good tidbits of information.  Check it courtesy of Michael David Smith's twitter page:

-Dana White predicts Kimbo Slice vs. Roy Nelson will get 7 million viewers on Spike.

-Kimbo Slice says he wanted to fight Roy Nelson first: If I have to lose a fight, I'd want to lose to a big name

-Kimbo Slice says he's now training at American Top Team. Sounds like he's actually taking MMA seriously.

-Kimbo Slice says he doesn't blame Rampage Jackson for taking some time off from the UFC and would've done the same.

-Kimbo Slice: There was no pressure on The Ultimate Fighter. I started fighting on the streets with no one there and TUF was the same.

-Kimbo Slice: There's no comparison between street fights and where I am now as a mixed martial artist. You have to train, have skills in MMA

-Kimbo Slice: If I tried to worry about changing public opinion I'd be losing my mind and going crazy. I'm just trying to feed my family.

-Kimbo Slice: It's not like Dana White and I sit down for tea and toast, but he's a promoter and I'm a fighter. We do what we do.

-Kimbo Slice has 3 sons, 3 daughters, says everything he does is an attempt to make life better for them than it was for him growing up.

-Kimbo Slice says he has no preference for who he fights next. Shrugs off question about fighting Chuck Liddell.

-Kimbo Slice doesn't say what happened in his fight with Roy Nelson other than "I was impressed with my performance."

-Kimbo Slice weighs 234 right now. Would consider fighting at 205 if UFC asks him to, but adds "I'm a heavyweight"

-Kimbo on turning down a rematch of his only loss: "Seth Petruzelli needs to be careful ... That is BS. We can do it now, bare-knuckles."

-ATT coach Ricardo Liborio thinks Kimbo could be a legitimate mixed martial artist.