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Report: Dan Hardy vs. Mike Swick Possible For UFC 105

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From MMAFanhouse:

The UFC is targeting a Mike Swick-Dan Hardy matchup to determine the top contender to Georges St. Pierre's welterweight championship, company president Dana Whiteconfirmed to FanHouse in a text message.

Dan Hardy was originally supposed to face unbeated Dong Hyun Kim, but now it seems as if he'll be facing TUF alum Mike Swick in what could be a #1 contender's match to face current UFC welterweight champion George St. Pierre.  I suppose this move is a move to do a couple of things.

  1. Give Dan Hardy a chance to defeat a top ten opponent, plus add some hometown flavor to the UK card.
  2. Get Mike Swick back in there with a quality opponent since his bout with Martin Kampmann fell through at UFC 103.

I'm not sure Hardy would be granted a title shot with a win over Swick.  I suppose if he just mows him down that it's possible, and he is currently undefeated inside the octagon with wins over Marcus Davis, Rory Markham, and the always tough Akihiro Gono.  However, you can't classify any of those guys as top ten welterweights and Mike Swick thought of by most as a top ten welterweight.  Of course, the Swick/Kampmann bout was a #1 contenders match so with a win Swick could see himself facing off against GSP in early 2010.  Give me your thoughts on this one, and don't forget this could potentially be for FREE on Spike tv!