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Reflections on TUF 10 So Far: Catching Up With Marcus Jones

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We're now two episodes into season 10 of The Ultimate Fighter. Heading into week 3, and the most anticipated single episode in the show's history, I caught up with Marcus Jones to get more of his thoughts on what has transpired during the first couple weeks of the show.

Rich Wyatt: After having been in the house for the first couple of weeks, how much were itching to get out there and fight? I know the waiting had to have been a little tough. 

Marcus Jones: The waiting was really tough. The only reason I was there was to fight.
Rich Wyatt: Your team lost two consecutive decisions to begin the season. How down was everybody after the 0-2 start? 

Marcus Jones: It was really tough to handle as a team, but fighting is an individual sport.  You have to step out and look at it like that and be ready when your name is called.
Rich Wyatt: Was there a lot of buzz in the house when it was announced that Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson and Roy "Big Country" Nelson would be throwing down in the next match? 

Marcus Jones: Tremendous amount! We all felt that we should have to pay to see this match.  Instead we were given front row seats to the Ultimate Fighter's most anticipated match.
Rich Wyatt: You mentioned in one of the interview clips that the training for MMA was more intense than you had experienced in football. Can you talk a little more about the differences in training between the two sports?

Marcus Jones: In football you have a lot of starts and stops. You might go for ten seconds and then have thirty seconds to rest. In MMA you have one start that can last for five minutes. The training in MMA is more intense.
Rich Wyatt: What were your thoughts on Quinton wanting everyone to spar before team selection?

Marcus Jones: I think it was a good idea. I believe he wanted to see how people reacted to getting hit.  But at this point I believe everyone has been hit before.
Rich Wyatt: Was there any fighter that you identified with most during your first week at the house?

Marcus Jones: There were a few that I related to: Kimbo, Big country, Scotty Junk and Brenden.
Rich Wyatt: What was it like being cooped up in a house with Wes Sims for several weeks? 

Marcus Jones: Oddly enough, I thought that Wes Sims was a pleasant guy to be around. He broke up the everyday monotony of the boredom.

Stay tuned to MMA For Real as Marcus continues to let us in on more of his thoughts as this season of The Ultimate Fighter continues.