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Tyron Woodley Dominates Zach Light And Wins Via Armbar In Rd. 2

Tyron Woodley is going to be very good.  He pretty much had his way against Zach Light as he won the striking exchanges, had big slams, and absolutely dominated the ground portion of this fight.  Woodley spent the majority of the time on the ground mounted on top of Light.  He exhibited some GnP that was explosive at times, but the experienced Light was able to deflect most of the damage.

However, in the second round  Woodley really took over as he used his striking to set up big double leg slams.  Once on the ground Woodley kept going for an arm triangle but inexperience caused him not to be able to cinch it in as he kept his knee on Light's belly instead of getting side control and spinning into Light to get choke.  However, Light tried to explode and buck Woodley out of the mount position and exposed his arm.  Woodley looked as if he was going to transition into an armbar but failed to capitalize on the mistake of Light.  However, just seconds later Light did it again and Woodly slickly transitioned into the armbar.  Light tried to defend, but after Woodley readjusted his grip Light was forced to tap to the submission.  Woodley now moves to 4-0 with all four wins coming via submission.

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