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Strikeforce: Kennedy vs. Cummings Quick Results

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  • Daniel Cormier defeated Gary Frazier via TKO In Rd. 2
  • Thomas Longacre defeated Travis Calonoc via Unanimous Decision
  • Tyron Woodley defeated Zach Light via Armbar In Rd. 2
  • Ray Sefo defeated Kevin Jordan via Verbal Submission(Injury)
  • Tim Kennedy defeated Zak Cummings(North-South Choke)

The preliminary fight results are after the jump.

Strikeforce Challengers: Kennedy vs. Cummings coverage

  • Dillon Smith defeated Lemont Davis via Submission (RNC)
  • Josh Pulsifer defeated Nick Gibbons via Submission (D'arce choke)
  • Kenny Giddens defeated Jon Carson via Submission (D'arce choke)
  • Trey Houston def. Brandon Gaines via Submission (Arm-Triangle Choke)
  • Paul Bradley def. Levi Avera via Unanimous Decision
  • Jeri Sitzes def. Lacey Schuckman via TKO (punches)