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Next Level Cage Fighting Presents: "Battlegrounds" On October 3rd, Concord North Carolina


The Next Level Cage Fighting promotion presents "Battlegrounds" that will take place Live from the Cabarrus Arena and Events Center in Concord, NC.  You can order your tickets at 704-920-3976 or go to  The fight card is as follows and is subject to change:

  • Thomas Schulte(17-7) vs. Cody Shipp(6-4)
  • Brandon Ezzo(5-2) vs. Roger Carroll(4-4)
  • Tyler East(1-1) vs. Joshua Lenig(1-1)
  • William Childs(1-2) vs. Dustin Rhodes(4-5)
  • Jenny Yum(3-0) vs. Chandra Engel(1-0)
  • Sebastian Wojdak(1-0) vs. Preston Hocker(1-1)
  • Serge Severenchuk(1-0) vs. David Sosebee(7-1)
  • Seth Edwards(1-1) vs. Michael Overby(1-0)
  • Justin Vaughan(0-0) vs. Robert Langlois(1-2)
  • Marc Corum(2-1) vs. Andrew Holbrook(1-1)
  • Chris Smith(1-0) vs. Kevin Forrant(0-0)
  • Neal Hall(0-0) vs. Josh Plato(0-0)
  • Michael Alford Jr.(1-1) vs. Daryl Hornbeck(0-0)