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Strikeforce Results: Daniel Cormier Stops Gary Frazier Via TKO In Round 2

It took two rounds but Daniel Cormier was able to put Gary Frazier away in what was a match up of two wrestlers making their MMA debut.  Cormier seemed like the more polished of the two fighters.  In fact, Frazier actually turned his back to Cormier and ran from him a couple of times before winging some wild punches.  However, Cormier stayed calm and actually showed a decent jab at times even though he was giving up 5 1/2 inches in reach.  When the fight went to the ground Cormier showed that he's learning how to improve his position instead of just staying in his opponents guard like a lot of young wrestlers do.  He passed Fraziers guard, mounted him, took Fraziers back with both hooks in and that's how he finished Frazier with punches.

I asked the questionearlier could Cormier make an impact in MMA in the heavyweight division.  I wasn't blown away by him performance simply because Frazier probably wasn't quite ready to be in the cage as a pro, but Cormier did show some promise.  I was most impressed with his ability to improve his position on the ground.  I don't know how he'll fair against more skilled opponents, but I suppose time will tell.  I expect him to improve quickly while training at AKA.

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