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Do We Use The Term "Legend" Too Loosely In Mixed Martial Arts?

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I saw this elsewhere and I thought I'd present the question to you all some of my input and whatnot.  Mixed Martial Arts as we know it has only been around a little over a decade, and actually was known as "ultimate fighting" in the very beginning here in America.  So from a historical perspective, MMA is still in it's infancy stages in regards to other sports with rich traditions like boxing and baseball.  Some people still call it 'ultimate fighting' instead of mixed martial arts to this very day.  You can name names like Muhammad Ali, Babe Ruth, Jack Dempsey, Hank Aaron, and most people know exactly who they are and what they were affiliated with.  However, with MMA you can't really do that at this point in time and it's not really fair to think that you should be able to do that because of MMA's short history.  Which brings me to the question.  Do we use the term "legend" too loosely in Mixed Martial Arts? 

What defines a fighter as a legend?

I've visited across numerous message boards and of course fans have their favorite fighters and will type until their fingers bleed trying to defend why their favorite fighters is the best etc.  I've seen names like Igor Vovchachyn, Frank "The Legend" Shamrock", Bas Rutten, Randy Couture, and others tossed around as legends.  So if you had to pick 5 fighters in the sport of MMA, who you consider a legend and why?  Build with me.

If you have more than five...have at it as well.