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TUF 10 Ratings Slide, But Still Highest In Its Time Slot

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From Sherdog:

The second week of "The Ultimate Fighter 10" saw its ratings drop by 29 percent from its record-shattering debut last Thursday of 4.1 million viewers (2.9 household rating) on Spike TV.

However, the series still netted 2.9 million viewers (2.2 rating) and was the top-rated show in its timeslot for Men 18-34, according to a press release distributed by Spike TV Thursday.

According to the release, the episode drew a 4.2 in Men 18-34 (5.3 last week), a 3.2 in M 18-49 for 1.8 million viewers (4.3 and 2.4 million last week), and scored big with 1.1 million viewers during the 11 p.m. replay.

Of course ratings will slide a bit when you start off on such a high note. The most impressive thing was that over million viewers watched the encore of the show at 11pm. Now that we know that Kimbo Slice will be fighting on the next episode, I expect ratings to reach an all time high for the show. It will be a testament to the drawing power of Kimbo Slice and the power of the UFC hype machine. Do you think next weeks episode will surpass the 4.1 million viewers mark set by the first episode of TUF 10?