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Antonio "BigFoot" Silva In Talks With The UFC?

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That's the word according to

Yes," Silva replied. "My management Alex Davis and Dan Lambert are talking about this possibility (to fight in the UFC). The UFC has made a proposal, but I have yet another fight in Sengoku contract to fulfill. The UFC wants exclusive fighters. I first have to fulfill my contract with Sengoku, then I will wait and see what is the best offer on the table."

I think this in interesting mainly because of the statement about a UFC proposal.

He's saying that the UFC has made a proposal while he's still under contract to Sengoku and has fights to fulfill for them?

Of course Silva has some questions with him as he got popped for a positive steroid test by the California Athletic Commission after winning the EliteXC HW title by defeating Justin Eilers in 2008. He was suspended for a year and fined, but he still to chose to fight in the Sengoku Japanese MMA promotion. He has vigorously proclaimed his innocence since then, but hasn't fought in the United States. Silva brings a lot of size and some skills with him, so he would be an interesting addition to the UFC HW division if this has any merit to it. Would you like to see him in the UFC? If so, how do you think he'd do? A video of him defeating Jim York at Sengoku X is after the jump.