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Rashad Evans To Possibly Face Thiago Silva

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 According to the folks at MMA Fanhouse:

Left without an opponent for his next fight when Rampage Jackson walked away from the UFC, Rashad Evans said Wednesday that he expects to fight Thiago Silva next, likely some time in December or early next year.

"Thiago Silva is a good fighter, I'd like to fight him and I think he wants to fight me," Evans said. "When I saw him after he fought Keith Jardine, he kind of gave me a nasty look that I interpreted like he wanted to take me on, and I'd like that."

"I think I match up really well with Thiago Silva," Evans said. "He's a great striker, and I love his focus. He's going to be a challenge, and that's the kind of fight I want."

Assuming that Jackson has called it a career, opportunites could abound for many fighters in the already stacked light heavyweight division. Thiago Silva is one of them. This could be entertaining matchup. If this matchup were to be made, who do you think takes it?