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The Ultimate Fighter 10: Episode 2 Discussion Thread

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Make plans to join us tonight for the second episode of season ten of The Ultimate Fighter.  In the first episose we saw Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson going at it verbally virtually non-stop throughout the show.  We also got a chance to see the coaches pick their respective teams, and it appears that Rashad Evans has the strongest team of the two.  In fact, his fighter Jon Madsen, mauled Team Rampage's fighter Abe Wagner in the first elimination fight of the season.  The fight was nothing but take downs and a couple of well placed elbows that opened up Wagner's head to the white white meat and then some. 

In the previews of episode two, a lot of footage seems to be concentrating on Kimbo Slice.  Will Kimbo Slice fight tonight?  I'm sure the verbage between Rashad and Rampage will be epic once again.  I wonder if this is the episode where Rampage destroys the cardboard door at the TUF training facility?  How bad will Rashad and coaches pick on Roy Nelson?

Join us here tonight as episode two unfolds on Spike TV at 10pm EST.