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Randy Couture Talks Brandon Vera At UFC 105 And Possible Showdown With Machida

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Randy Couture talks with MMAWeekly about Vera's strengths and how he'll combat them in the main event at UFC 105:

"I like the match-up," said Couture of Vera. "We’re both the same size, he’s a good size light heavyweight as well. He fought at heavyweight for a while. We both have Greco background. He uses his Thai skills a lot in his fights. It’s a good match-up and it’s an interesting fight."  "I haven’t had a chance to break down tape on him yet, but just the fights that I’ve seen, I’m gonna have to work and cut him off," said Couture. "I know he’s good at throwing kicks, high or low, so I’ve got to be prepared for that, but I think every time he picks his foot up, I should be able to transition and put him on the ground.

"I think I’m gonna focus more on what I do and do what I do well: just take guys down and put him on the bottom and force him to work from there. Brandon’s gonna come out and try to establish his range and land his long punches and kicks, and I’ve got to be ready to deal with that, and make him pay—put him on the ground every time he does

Here he speaks on if beating Vera could lead to fighting Machida:

"I think this fight will put me in the mix at 205," he said. "Ultimately, I’d love to compete against Machida. Nobody’s really seemed to solve that puzzle yet, and I’m very intrigued by him and his style."

Couture also indicated that he could possibly fight at heavyweight again depending on what the UFC wanted to do.  If Couture were to beat Vera(I wouldn't be too surprised by this), I'd want him to face someone of the likes of Forrest Griffin next.  In the event that he beat Forrest Griffin, I would have no qualms about him fighting Lyoto Machida for the title.  That is of course if Machida gets by Shogun Rua at UFC 104.