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Is Anyone Giving Shogun Rua A Shot At Beating Lyoto Machida At UFC 104?

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It doesn't seem as if that's the case.  Here we are almost exactly one month out from UFC 104 in which former #1 LHW in the world will take on the current #1 LHW in the world in Lyoto Machida. has a poll asking readers who they think will win the upcoming matchup, and the results are hugely in favor of the current UFC LHW champion Lyoto Machida.  Check it:

Lyoto Machida headshot VS Mauricio Rua headshot
Lyoto Machida   Mauricio Rua
88%   12%
Total Votes
Do you think that percentage is fairly accuarate?  If not, what are the percentages that Shogun Rua regains his form and unlocks the secret of defeating "The Dragon" at UFC 104?