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Report: Frank Trigg Will Fight For The UFC Again

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I wrote a post a couple of days ago in regards to Frank Trigg possibly facing retirement if the UFC released him from his contract.  Well, it appears that there have been some reconsiderations and Trigg will get another shot in the UFC according to MMAJunkie:

"They said I'll get one more shot, another fight, to prove I belong here," Trigg told "If I win, they've got to keep me around. If I lose and it's back-to-back losses, they'll probably drop me, rightfully so."

"No disrespect to Koscheck, but the fight only went a minute (and) 40 (seconds), and he only got in one good shot," Trigg said. "In my mind, nothing really happened. I got caught. We could fight again, and I think it would be an entirely different outcome."

Trigg was first notified of White's post-fight comments when contacted by on Monday, and he said he was surprised for a few different reasons.

"My understanding when I signed my deal – well, at first, they offered me a fight with Johny Hendricks," Trigg said. "But I didn't want that fight because I know Johny and used to train him. A couple weeks later, they offered me Josh Koscheck. They said, 'We gave Josh a couple options, and he chose you too.'

"They basically said, 'If you lose, we have to keep you for one more fight since Josh is a top-five guy and it's such a tough fight,"  he said. "That's why I was so surprised that Dana said that I was being cut."

I suppose it was more of Dana White seeing Trigg getting dismantled freshly in his mind that helped those words come out of his mouth.  I agree, and advocated that Trigg should get at least one more fight in the UFC.  As stated, Koscheck is a handful for any fighter in the world, and the fight was relatively short with little action prior to Koscheck putting Trigg away.  No the question is, who should Trigg fight in his next fight in the UFC?

HT: MMA4Real Reader Neil