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Tito Ortiz: "Let's See If He[Mark Coleman] Wants To Stand With Me"

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Tito Ortiz talks about his upcoming match up against UFC Hall of Famer Mark Coleman:

"I’m gonna crush him. I’m gonna push the tempo like he’s never had the tempo pushed against him. I watched him fight Fedor Emelianenko. I watched how afraid he was to stand with him. Let’s see if he wants to stand with me. I’m not afraid of him. To me he’s more of a mummy and less of a ‘Hammer.’ He started about a year-and-a-half before I started my career, and I see him as a ground and pound specialist. My own forte is to kind of take guys down and ground and pound them. Give the fans what they want to see. That’s what I do."

Tito Ortiz is doing what he does best, in hyping up his UFC re-debut at UFC 106.  Footage of Tito training can be found after the jump.

HT: Las Vegas Sun