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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: "I Hope My Next Fight Will Be For The Belt"

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From Graciemag:

What do you expect from the title match between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin?

RM – That’s an even match. Brock has an advantage for being heavier, but now he’s going up against a big guy. Let’s see what happens. Carwin has a heavy hand, but Lesnar is a better wrestler. He has a little advantage there, but I think Carwin has really dangerous hands. It’ll be a great fight to watch.

PDL – After your last performance, do you believe the UFC will give you a chance to recover your belt?

RM – I hope my next fight will be for the belt. I’ll train for that and hopefully I’ll be as well prepared as I was for my last fight. If so, I can’t lose.

PDL – Now who would you rather face, Carwin or Brock?

RM – I prefer Brock, of course. He’s a big guy, who impresses for his size and I can show I can do well against him.

Former PRIDE and UFC Interim champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira talks about the upcoming UFC heavyweight fight between Shane Carwin and Brock Lesnar.  Nogueira has been involved in a war of words with Frank Mir, but Mir is now scheduled to fight Cheick Kongo later this year at UFC 107.  In a recent poll, 78% of you voiced that you'd like to see Minotauro fight for the belt in his next fight.  It now appears that those are his sentiments as well.