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MMA Referee Big John McCarthy Nevada License On Hold

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Big John McCarthy applied for his Nevada liscense earlier this month but was met with this response:

In a mailed letter from Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, McCarthy, who submitted his application Sept. 10, was informed that the state “[does] not anticipate adding any additional referees at this time. We will place your application in the pending file in case the situation changes.”

Which basically means he hasn't been denied, but he hasn't been approved either, and NSAC executive director Keith Kizer gave his reasoning:

“We keep our list very short,” Kizer said of the existing list of approved MMA refs, “mainly because we want to keep people busy. We probably have about 20 cards a year. Some states may have 100 people licensed, but how often can they work? You want to have enough work for [referees]. It’s very important that the ref, doctor and inspectors communicate during a fight.”

“No one’s been turned down [for a license],” said Kizer. “He’s applied, and he’s in the file with other applicants.”

Dana White also chimed in:

“Wow. That is my reaction,” said White. “Having a license is a privilege, and John said a lot of s--t about the Nevada commission and other commissions.”

We had a poll here a week or so ago asking if you would like to see Big John back in the octagon, and 80% of you voted "Yessir".  Politics as usual.

HT: Sherdog