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Did You Watch Chuck Liddell's Debut On Dancing With The Stars?

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I must admit that I was busy tending to my fantasy football scores last night(I won in all my leagues btw), so I didn't really have time to watch Liddell's performance. However, I was able to watch his performance later on and it wasn't half bad. Of all things, the judges were harping on his poor footwork and his partner was telling him that he needed to smile more. Liddell got a very good response from the crowd as they boo'ed the judges score cards. In case you missed it, Dana White and both Fertitta brothers were in attendance on the first row and were shown on camera multiple times cheering Liddell on. Liddell said that he wanted to represent the fighters and show that fighters are not Neanderthals, so it's clear he's striving to be an ambassador for the sport in this role. Did you watch Chuck Liddell's debut on Dancing With The Stars last night? If so, give us your thoughts on his performance.

[Note by Kelvin Hunt, 09/22/09]

The video can be found after the jump

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