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Frank Trigg Looking At Retirement If UFC Contract Is Terminated

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UFC president spoke to MMAJunkie after Frank Trigg's loss to Josh Koshcheck  at UFC 103, and informed them that they probably will not bring Frank Trigg back for a second fight.  Trigg signed a four fight deal with the UFC earlier this year in hopes of making one last title run in the UFC.  Here's what Dana White had to say:

"I think Trigg is one of those guys (like Mirko 'Cro Cop' Filipovic)," White said after the conclusion of the UFC 103 post-fight press conference. "These (other) guys are young and explosive. There's just a whole other level of talent out there, man, and that's the way it works. That's the way this business is."

MMAJunkie-So, will he give it some thought before terminating the contract?

"I doubt it," White shrugged. "He got smoked tonight."

I can understand White's point of view.  I mean Trigg did get destroyed by Josh Koscheck, and he got destroyed by the current champion George St. Pierre a few years back as well.  Frank Trigg speaks on the situation:

"I made a stupid mistake," Trigg said. "I stood on his foot in the corner, and I got caught with a punch."

"If they say I'm done, I'm done," he said. "If the UFC cuts me, I'm done fighting. I don't have the strength or determination to go fight in the minor leagues anymore. I've done it before.

"I didn't come back here for one fight ... so I could say I retired as a UFC fighter. I came back to make a run at a title fight. I want to fight. But if they're done with me, that's it."

Frank Trigg has been competing professionally in MMA since 1997.  Would you like to see the UFC give Trigg one more fight?