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Fightmetric Breaks Down Junior Dos Santo's Dominance Of Mirko Cro Cop

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Most of us got to witness a passing of the guard at UFC 103 in Junior Dos Santos beating Mirko Cro Cop.  It was pretty much a one sided fight with Mirko showing some heart to survive the bombs of Dos Santos early in the fight.  Mirko was able to land a couple of significant shots, mainly his patented straight left, but that was pretty much it.  This fight never hit the floor besides a failed throw by Cro Cop.  Yep, the once feared striker went for a take down.  Fightmetric calls it in the striking portion of the entire fight:

Mirko Cro Cop Junior Dos Santos
Head Power-7 of 22 Head Power-20 of 69
Head Jab-6 of 14 Head Jab-11 of 37
Body Power-5 of 8 Body Power-29 of 34
Body Jab-2 of 3 Body Jab-20 of 27
Leg Power-4 of 4 Leg Power-2 of 2
Leg Jab-0 of 0 Leg Jab-1 of 1

The clinch portion(only) of the fight can be found after the jump.  There you can see just why the term 'bullied' is being used so often to describe how Junior Dos Santos beat Mirko down.

Mirko Cro Cop Junior Dos Santos
Head Power-0 of 3 Head Power-6 of 14
Head Jab-0 of 0 Head Jab-3 of 3
Body Power-4 of 6 Body Power-8 of 9
Body Jab-2 of 2 Body Jab-10 of 10
Leg Power-0 of 0 Leg Power-2 of 2
Leg Jab-0 of 0 Leg Jab-0 of 0

Dos Santos's accuracy inside the clinch was off the charts with his lowest percentage landed coming in just under 50%, and those were power shots to the head.  I'd still like to know what Dos Santos's ground game looks like being that we've never seen it.  He has to be half way decent there by training with the Big Nog, but if you can win by knocking fools out.  Why go there?