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UFC 103: Recap And Analysis

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-I already asked the question "Did a new Vitor show up at UFC 103?"  As I mentioned then, I'm still not entirely sold on Belfort simply because the fight had little to no action before he clipped Franklin.  I mean we already knew Belfort was a quick, powerful counter-puncher right?  It seems as if Dana White is no leaning towards giving Belfort the shoto at Anderson Silva.  It remains to be seen due to Silva reportedly having minor surgery, and Dana Henderson still not under contract with the UFC at the present time.  White indicated at the post fight press conference that Henderson/Marquardt makes sense while giving Belfort the title shot.  Stay tuned.

-Rich Franklin seemed as if he wanted to be patient and pick his spots, but Belfort's patience was greater forcing Franklin to press the action.  Which turned out to be his downfall.  Franklin is a tough fight for anyone, but losing to a guy that's going down to the middleweight division doesn't do him any favors.  I suppose he'll move back up to the LHW division and take on another tough fighter as he's been doing for the last 3 years or so.

UFC 103: Franklin vs. Belfort coverage

-Mirko Cro Cop is done.  I said it back then, but the nostalgia factor in me wanted him to prove me wrong.  When a fighters confidence is lost, it's a wrap.  I wonder if he'll even entertain the thought of fighting again?

-Junior Dos Santos past his test and his now a contender in the heavyweight division.  We learned that he is a very physical fighter with a good chin.  Also, dude hits hard...real hard.  I want to see him against the winner of Velasquez/Rothwell or Frank Mir.

-I didn't really learn anything from the Kampmann/Daley fight other than Kampmann has too much pride.  Some people will say it was an early stoppage, and it may have been a tad early.  However, I don't think the outcome would have been any different, plus Daley was landing BOMBS and could have really hurt Kampmann.  I'd like to see Daley face Carlos Condit next.  A win against him would be two wins against top ten welterweights.  However, it's rumored that the UFC is thinking about Swick/Daley.  I like that one too.  Kampmann vs. Jake Ellenberger would be dope. 

-Josh Koscheck smashed Frank Trigg.  As a MMA4Real reader already mentioned, this probably further validates that Kos thinks he is a knockout artist now instead of a guy with superior wrestling.  I want to see Koscheck vs. Matt Hughes simply because I like seeing Hughes get smashed.  Nah, I think Hughes should continue to fight the top guys if he's man enough to sign that new contract and get paid.  Earn that money playa!

-YES!  Tyson Griffin finally finished an opponent!  Joe Rogan was quick to harp on the fact that Franca had never been finished.  However, he failed to mention that it was a Franca that was out of shape and missed weight by 4 pounds.  So I don't put to much credit in this finish for Griffin(sorry dude).  Also, Franca's standup is absolutely swing for the fences/you can see it coming from a mile type of stuff.  I can't think of anyone in which I'd like to see Griffin fight next.  Give me some names..

-Efrain Escudero validates himself.  I originally picked Escudero because of his wrestling background, but I switched my pick when he missed weight.  I thought he looked really soft.  Honestly, Miller was getting the better of him before he got caught for being too cocky.  I'd like to see Escudero against Raphael dos Anjos or someone tough like that.

-Drew McFedries has zero ground game and he quit in that fight. 

-I thought airing all those fights on the Spike TV broadcast was excellent.  I mean we got to see like 10 fights in all or something like that?  That's great and certainly validates paying for a PPV in my opinion.  However, I'm not to fond of hearing Spanish announcers talking on top of Joe Rogan and Goldberg while I'm watching the fights.  I'm multi-talented, but damn that was a bit much.  Not to mention the start of the McFedries/Drwal fight was looping for the first two minutes of the fight.