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Rampage Jackson Out Of Action Until At Least March 2010

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That's the word from MMAFanhouse:

While the frost on the friendship between Rampage Jackson and UFC President Dana White is beginning to thaw, it appears that it will have little effect on the delay that brought about their issues in the first place. Jackson, currently in Canada to film "The A-Team" movie, won't be ready to fight Rashad Evans until at least March of 2010.

Fanhouse is also reporting that Jackson will not finish filming the new A-Team movie until the end of December, which means he won't be able to get a full training camp and be ready to fight by February.  However, it appears that Rashad is willing to wait to fight Rampage.  Which means that Rashad Evans and Rampage Jackson will have been out of fighting action for about a year before they eventually fight.