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Quoteworthy: Dana White Nixs Anderson Silva's Thoughts Of Fighting At Heavyweight

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Do you all remember us discussing Anderson Silva and his plans to possibly fighting at heavyweight?  Well, I guess we can put those thoughts and dreams to rest, because Dana White has basically said it ain't happening. 

From MMAWeekly:

He’ll box Roy Jones before he fights heavyweight, let’s put it that way," said White

We all know that the Anderson Silva vs. Roy Jones Jr. fight will not be happening while Anderson Silva is under contract with the UFC.  So that pretty much says the same for Silva fighting at heavyweight.  I wonder why White's not open to the idea though?  Surely Anderson Silva moving up to the heavyweight division is marketable, depending on who he fights right?  He only has like one or two fights at middleweight to choose from, and Silva has already said he wants nothing but big fights from here on out.  Plus, those two fights at middleweight are re-matches against opponents that Silva was pulling off Street Fighter II moves and stuff.  Could Dana White be watching the parade go by on this one?