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Quoteworthy: Dan Henderson Only Wants To Fight Anderson Silva At Middleweight

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From Josh Gross:

"I think I'm the one guy that poses enough dangers [to Silva] style-wise," he said. "If I were his manager, I'd be trying not to have him fight me as well. I know that Anderson Silva is really trying not to fight me. It's obvious."

Henderson said if the UFC came to him with a bout against Marquardt, he would turn it down and seek challenges at light heavyweight.

"I think he's right in line for a title shot as well, but I feel I've earned that already," Henderson said. "That's a fight that more than likely will happen in the future, but I think right now, from the UFC's standpoint, they shouldn't be having me and Nate fight each other. They're going to get stuck without any new opponents for Anderson Silva.

"Silva is the only fight that interests me at 185. I said that before Nate's fight."

Couple of thoughts:

1.  The UFC should not have said Hendo was in line to fight Anderson Silva next after he beat Bisping knowing that Maia/Marquardt were in the mix as well.

2. Why would Henderson turn down the Marquardt fight to fight at 205, where he's further away from a title shot as a LHW than he is as a MW?  If he beats Marquardt there are no questions who fights Silva then.

3. Would the UFC allow him to move back up to LHW without taking the Marquardt fight?

Give me your thoughts....this should be good.