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Demian Maia Reflects On The First Defeat Of His Career At UFC 102

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From Sherdog:

I knew the first loss would come one day because I intend to fight for many years. As a matter of fact, though, it happened in a pretty unexpected manner because I was a little bit casual in the stand-up fight. I repeated two kicks. He got my timing down, and, the third time, he came with a straight punch and knocked me down. At the beginning of the fight, everyone is really strong, and I think the referee was right to stop the fight. I stood up well. I had no damage, and that’s most important. I pretty much believe that some things must happen in your life. For some reason, God prepares surprises for you, and that’s life. Maybe it was not the right time for me to challenge for the belt, but I’m very calm and will keep going

He also mentions that he'll take about ten days off from training, and that he'll probably skip the ADCC tournament this year to concentrate on training and seminars that are already scheduled.  I'm wondering how this loss will affect Maia.  My interpretation is that he'll fight one more time this year.    There are fighters out there like Akiyama and Alan Belcher that would probably be good fights for him.  Who would you like to see him fight next?