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Randy Couture Looking At Moving To The UFC Light Heavyweight Division

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From Sherdog:

Maybe this year, or maybe the first of next year," said Couture of his next bout. "I haven’t really looked at the cards and the shows that they have. What’s on the schedule, I don’t know, but I’m especially leaning towards dropping down. I’m pushing in weight. It would be easy for me to make 205 and there’s more interesting fights there right now

I mentioned here that it was likely that "The Natural" would make the move back down to the UFC light heavyweight division, and asked if he could make the jump successfully.  I thought the only interesting fight for him at heavyweight now would be a match up with Mirko Cro Cop, but that hinged on whether or not Mirko could get back Junior Dos Santos at UFC 103.  Couture also mentioned some upcoming movie projects and other options he has in regards to his MMA career.  He mentioned that those projects would not interfere with his training camps for fights.

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