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UFC Lightweight Champ BJ Penn Talks #1 Contender Diego Sanchez

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From Fighters Only:

He is explosive, his in great shape. He knows his jiu jitsu, he knows his striking. He is a good test, there is no complaint about him being the number one contender. He is a great fighter, I just have to sit down and really take a look at what he does. I respect his skills and what he does, he is good.

The UFC lightweight champ talks about the TUF 1 winner and now #1 contender in the UFC lightweight division.  This fight has been rumored to be taking place on network tv, and Penn states that the two fighters are just waiting on the word from UFC president Dana White.  Check it:

As far as I know, the fight is happening and we are just waiting for the date on it. We are waiting to hear from Dana and then we can start our training camp

I think this will be a very good fight.  Sanchez has a great chin, great cardio, improved striking, and is very good in the transitions/scrambles.  If this fight does wind up on network tv, I think fans will be treated to an absolute war.  What say you?