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UFC 103 Results: Junior Dos Santos Defeats Mirko Cro Cop Via Verbal Submission

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The fight starts and Dos Santos lands and Mirko answers to the body.  Left high kick just misses for Mirko.  Dos Santos trying to bullying Cro Cop.  Body kick by Cro Cop.  Dos Santos lands big punches and  Mirko retreats and could be hurt.  Dos Santos is bleeding now.  Dos Santos flies in again with punches.   Mirko now pushes Dos Santos against the cage.  Cro Cop tries to get him to the ground but doesn't.  Mirko with a left that lands. Dos Santos still trying to bully Mirko.  The round ends.

The second round starts Mirko misses the high kick.  Dos Santos lands  and Mirko counters twice with the left.  Mikro counters several times with the left.  Dos Santos with an uppercut and a high kick misses.  Dos Santos landing a few punches now as he comes forward.  Mirko to the body with a knee as they tie up.  Mirko seems to be gassing.  Dos Santos to the body with a knee in the clinch.  Mirko lands a low blowa nd Dos Santos takes time to recover.  With just over 30 seconds Dos Santos lands with a left.  Mirko offers nothing and  Body kick by Dos Sattos as the bell sounds. 

The third round starts and Mirko comes with a left and lands.  Mirko lands a kick.  Mirko slips and Dos Santos pounces with heavy shots.  Big knee hurts Mirko.  Mirko indicates that he can't see out of his eyes and the fight is stopped via verbal submission.

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