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UFC 103 Results: Tyson Griffin Defeats Hermes Franca Via TKO In Round 2

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The fight starts and Griffin opens with a leg kick and another.  Nice jab and body punch from Griffin as Franca has started checking the leg kicks.  Another leg kick lands for Griffin though.  Body kick lands for Griffin and another.  Griffin fakes the takedown and lands another leg kick.  Franca seems kind of lethargic and Griffin lands a uppercut and a leg kick.  Another leg kick and Franca tries to catch the leg and lands a punch.  Griffin with a double jab.  The action slows and Griffin lands a left hook and a overhand right.  Griffin lands another left hook and Franca goes down from a slip.  Nice jab from Griffin.  The action slows as the bell sounds, and the crowd shows their disapproval.

The second round starts and Franca throws a wild right hand that misses.  Hermes hurts Griffin with some wild punches and Griffin answers.  Franca lands a big knee and Griffin retreats.  Griffin with a stiff jab.  Franca wings another big right and misses while Griffin counters with a right of his own.  Griffin with another leg kick.  Nice three punch combo from Griffin.  Jab/leg kick combo for Griffin and Franca answers with a leg kick.  Leg kick by Griffin and Franca wings a big uppercut and misses.  Griffin rocks Franca and Franca goes down.  Griffin trying to finish with punches and he finishes Franca with punches on the ground in the second round.

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