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UFC 103 Results: Efrain Escudero Knocks Out Cole Miller In The First Round

The first round starts and they are feeling one another out cautiously.  Miller with a front kick that lands.  Miller is the aggressor thus far.  Miller with a nice right hand that lands.  Miller with a nice jab.  Escudero with a nice uppercut.  Nice kick by Miller, and Escudero catches it and lands a right hand.  Miller goes down but Escudero lets him back up.  Nice right hand by Miller, and answered with a leg kick by Escudero.  Escudero is trying to answer Miller's punches with counter left hooks.  Escudero catches a Miller kick and slams him to the ground.  Miller is back up and Escudero smashes him with a big right hand that drops Miller.  Escudero pounces and finishes Miller off with punches.

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