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UFC 103 Results: Tomasz Drwal Chokes Out Drew McFedries In The Second Round

The first round starts and they come out swinging.  A malfunction with the broadcast has the beginning of the fight replaying over and over...anyways.  McFedries with a big uppercut and a leg kick.  McFedries is bleeding under his left eye.  Leg kick lands for Drwal.  Big uppercut from McFedries.  Drwal takes McFedries down and now has his back, but McFedries stands back up.  Drwal lands big knees to the thighs of McFedries.  McFedries lands a couple of punches.  McFedries tees off and now they stand and trade with both guys taking punishment.  McFedries looks like he's beginning to gas a bit.  Good leg kick from McFedries and Drwal lands a big right hand.  Drwal taunts McFedries and tags McFedries.  Drwal takes McFedries down again and is executing some GnP.  Drwal mounts McFedries and now has his back as the bell sounds.

The second round starts and Drwal hits McFedries with a big 1-2 and McFedries staggers back.  Drwal takes McFedries down again and is in side control.  Drwal mounts and takes McFedries back and has the RNC cinched and McFedries taps to the choke in the second round.

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