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Kenny Florian Parts Ways With Sityodtong

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Marc Dellagrotte talks to Fighters Only:

There are no hard feelings. Me and Kenny have been good friends for a long, long time. We did good thing together. I think this is a good decision for both of us.

"I think he is going to do well, I think the people he is going with are some of the best in the world. It wasn’t a bad break or anything like that, it was just a mutual decision we made in order for us both to move forward. It was necessary for Kenny to move forward with his career and me to move forward as a coach."

Supposedly there was friction between Florian's brother, but Dellagrotte speaks on it:

"I have to  stress that I have nothing negative to say towards Kenny or his brother. Its not his brother’s fault, it’s not my fault, its just one of things that happens in sports like this," the Boston man says. "There has been a constant… ‘power struggle’ between me and his brother Keith. We never really got along - which is not anybody’s fault, some work well together and some don’t.

"We worked well together at first but over the last few camps and fights we put together, there were differences and I am just the type of guy that if I can’t steer the ship, if I can’t be the captain, I would prefer not to be onboard."

Florian is reportedly going to start training with GSP's trainer while allowing his brother to help steer his career as well.  Overall, do you think it's a good move for Florian, and do you think Dellagrotte should have been more involved in his last few training camps?